Tubes Like Jagger.

There are days when you just can’t get going. So much to do, and so little inclination to get on with it. We decided instead of doing anything constructive, we would make a life-size model of the galley and saloon areas, just to sanity-check that what we’re planning to build is going to work. Using … More Tubes Like Jagger.

Making Hay.

The days are getting noticeably longer. We’ve got a good hour or more of daylight than we had, and a few recent days of sunshine has given us a much needed boost in both progress and morale. The boatyard sprung to life this week. There has been a flurry of activity on numerous roofs, notably … More Making Hay.

Plans are coming together, as the boat comes apart.

This week has just been a continuation of cleaning, scraping and oiling the bilges. Most of the time is being spent on waiting for the bilges to thoroughly dry before we oil them, then waiting for the oil to dry before re-laying the ballast. We’ve now just got the front section of the boat left … More Plans are coming together, as the boat comes apart.

Oil be damned.

Yesterday we got another section of the base plate cleaned scraped and oiled. It’s been taking around 24 hours for the oil to penetrate and dry out which left us today to get on with some ‘proper’ work, by which time it should be dry. Bilge scraped and cleaned. Part way through applying a coat … More Oil be damned.